Librarian Visit from Kyoto University Library

Minggu, 23 - Desember - 2012, 05:48:11

On December 12, 2012, ITB Central Library has been visited by two fellow librarians from Japan.

They are Toshihiro Inoue (Assistant Head of Technical Service Division) and Miwako Ishihara (The Library of the Institute for Research in Humanities), from Kyoto University Library. Along with them, there is also Ms. Urara Numazawa, as translator.

Objectives of this visit was to obtain information about services and facilities of the higher education libraries in Indonesia, and ITB was one of them. It was based on the fact that many students in Kyoto University was originated from Indonesia. They seen an urgency for increasing the quality of services, facilities and recources of their library to serve their students, especially for Indonesian students.

The visit consisted of two sessions, the interview session and library tour. In the interview, we discussed mostly about services, collections, facilities, strategic planning, policy, and administration. We also talked about students activities in the library, their cultures and habits, and also in events which library conducted. ITB library offered future join co-operation, such as inter-library loan.

The visit closed with a library tour.


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